Web Design (Starter Package)


Each package is designed for customers who require a professional online presence, but don’t necessarily need the higher costs that usually come with it.  What you see is what you get.  There are no hidden extras, just a genuine offer to help you come in line with the modern world.

For and initial start up fee and just under £10.00 a month, what have you got to lose?


Web Design (Starter Package)
Knutsford.Net design, publish and maintain websites at affordable prices. Each website design is clear, easily navigable and gets your message across fast. Knutsford.Net offers a professional service that is cost effective. It is primarily tailored for small businesses such as bed and breakfast, pubs, hotels, home workers, start-ups and other small enterprises.

The Web Design (Starter package) includes:

Up to 5 pages of text and digital images
Domain name
Bandwidth (per month) 100000 MB
Email accounts 10
Autoresponders 10
Distribution lists 10
Junk mail filters
Redirect mail
Change passwords