The Knutsford Jog 2018

The Knutsford Jog 2018

The 2018 Knutsford Jog will be held on the Knutsford Moor on March 18th.  The event opens at 9.30am to register (if not already done) and the Jog starts at 10:30am when the klaxon sounds. Finish is at 11:30am. Runners complete the lap if they are part way round at the end.

The family run is an annual event organised by the Knutsford Rotary Club.

This year the jog will be in aid of the Joshua Tree charity. The  charity gives support to families across the NorthWest living with childhood cancer.  Their vision is to build a new family support centre in […]

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Quarry Bank Mill and Country Park

Quarry Bank Mill and Country Park

Quarry Bank Mill is in Styal, approximately 10 miles from Knutsford. It is one of the best preserved textile mills of the Industrial Revolution and is a museum of the cotton industry. Recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade II listed building, it inspired the 2013 television series The Mill.

Quarry Bank, Styal has two different faces.  One is of cottages standing just as they did in Elizabethan days, thatch and all, one up, one down, while the other is the large, two garaged houses with ions on the gateposts and very colourful gardens indeed.  It is the older section that has visitors by […]

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Royal May Day Raffle Tickets

Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets are sold each year to help raise money for the Knutsford ‘Royal’ May Day.  The Committee hold the draw on the Sunday following the annual event.  All money taken from the sales goes directly to help run the May Day for future generations.

The Royal May Day costs over £35,000 a year to run and it relies heavily from the donations, sales from the programmes and sales from the raffle tickets so please purchase generously.

The Royal May Day Committee are calling on local businesses to help raise money by donating prizes for the May Day Raffle.  It doesn’t need to be […]

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Heartstart and Knutsford’s First Responders

Heartstart and Knutsford’s First Responders

CPR Training

The aim of  Heartstart and Knutsford’s First Responders is to preserve life and promote recovery in an emergency situation, before the ambulance arrives. Founded in 2002, the team works in conjunction with the ambulance service to provide a rapid response to emergency situations.  When a member of the public dials for an ambulance within a 5 mile radius of Knutsford, the duty First Responder is also advised of the call and is asked to attend.

They are currently advertising for additional people to fill vacancies within the team.  The charitable trust provides CPR training as well as […]

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Knutsford Jog 2017

The Knutsford Jog

Each year the Rotary Club organise the sponsored Knutsford Jog, typically on a Sunday in March.  Last year they raised about £8,000.  This year it is to be held on Sunday, 19th March.

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Charlotte James, Knutsford’s ‘Royal’ May Queen Elect for 2017

This year’s Royal May Queen is to be 13 year old Charlotte James. She was chosen by the Royal May Day Committee in front of a large gathering at The Knutsford Academy (Lower School).  Charlotte will be crowned on Knutsford Heath by this years Crown Bearer, fourteen year old Sam Cainer.

Charlotte enjoys Drama and is a member of the Knutsford Little Theatre.  At the time of writing Charlotte is playing Safiya (Ali Baba’s girl friend) in the Christmas pantomime.

Sam enjoys keeping fit and Thai kickboxing.  He is a member of Super Gym in Northwich which has […]

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